“Risk”: A Poem For National Coming Out Day

It might have been 2003 ish – I was a crisis clinician in an ER in Suburban MD working on the late (really late) shift. Peds ED – trauma room. Sometimes you don’t forget the conversation, often – you don’t forget the look on a mom’s face as she listens to her daughter. Thank god for docs, nurses, compassion, support and time to talk. Thanks for saving this life, on this night. #NationalComingoutday Advertisements Continue reading “Risk”: A Poem For National Coming Out Day

Ebb & Flow

My favorite photo of mom and dad taken just before their evening at the Newport Hospital Ball many years ago. Today would have been their 63rd wedding anniversary (dad died in October after their 60th). We still laugh daily about some of the things he used to say. My favorite is still the way he would say “oh jeez…that guy!” whenever we were on the boat in Block Island and Aldo would be out in his boat early in the morning with his fresh baked muffins and doughnuts. He’d be singing at the top of his lungs . “Andiamo…andiamoooohhh!!”…which because … Continue reading Ebb & Flow