“It’s delft,” she responds.

“Delft? What the hell is delft?” I’ve never heard of this color. As I drive the cart a little further, I quickly scan my mind looking for the place that has all of the colors in a  Crayola 64 pack of crayons. I’m thinking midnight blue, navy blue, sky blue, blue-green, periwinkle and then off to the land of lime green, bubble gum and burnt sienna. Continue reading Delft


30 Years Ago Last Night

Today I celebrate my 30th year in recovery. It’s nice to be on the side of recovery that has more years to it than drinking. While this has not been an easy journey, having friends who have lost their children and/or family members as a result of addiction has left me acutely aware and grateful of this time I have acquired. When I was drinking, there were many people who told me they were concerned about me. I made bad decisions, compromised relationships, did not utilize the best of judgment and didn’t listen to their concerns. This went on for … Continue reading 30 Years Ago Last Night

Why I Will Never Own A Gun

I don’t want to hear it anymore.  I’ve seen post after post about gun rights. Who should own a gun and who shouldn’t. Here’s the thing: I will never, ever, ever own a gun. Yeah, I know – you’ve owned guns because you’ve used them hunting in the state where you’re from. And that’s an acceptable reason to own and use a gun and yes, it’s your 2nd Amendment right and I support that.  Not a fan of automatic assault rifles that can shoot several bullets in a few seconds is all I’m sayin’ But as we sit on the … Continue reading Why I Will Never Own A Gun