S.A. Leys is a healthcare wonk consultant and coach with 15+ years of expertise in management, program development, process improvement, coaching and training for nurses, physicians and healthcare teams working in fast-paced healthcare environments requiring empathy, critical thinking, conflict resolution, and tact.

My passion is consulting, coaching, and training the healthcare professionals and teams who care for all of us. For me, this is work that doesn’t feel like “work”. It’s more like breathing; having the opportunity to assist and advocate for patients and families navigating challenging healthcare environments and / or difficult symptoms and illnesses, while also helping high performance teams improve healthcare.

I created the “Let’s Just Think” blog as I wanted to have a place to reflect on the experiences I have had in healthcare (professionally and personally – from supporting family members and friends who have experienced illnesses and challenges throughout their lives). ¬†Additionally, I wanted to be able to celebrate the lessons, quotes, insights and wisdom that we all hear on a daily basis that provide us with the emotional and intellectual fuel and inner strength needed to foster and nurture our families and friends, the people who step into our paths on a daily basis and, most importantly, ourselves.

I was very lucky in that I had the ability to learn an abundance of life lessons from my family and friends. This “Let’s Just Think” blog allows me the opportunity to share just a few of these lessons learned. Some of them are poignant; a few of them are goofy but most of them are funny in a memorable sort of way that I hope you enjoy!

Thank you for dropping by.