“Risk”: A Poem For National Coming Out Day

It might have been 2003 ish – I was a crisis clinician in an ER in Suburban MD working on the late (really late) shift. Peds ED – trauma room. Sometimes you don’t forget the conversation, often – you don’t forget the look on a mom’s face as she listens to her daughter. Thank god for docs, nurses, compassion, support and time to talk. Thanks for saving this life, on this night. #NationalComingoutday Continue reading “Risk”: A Poem For National Coming Out Day

“How Do I Cope With The Fact That I Can’t Keep My Children Safe?” – My Lesson from 9/11/01

On this the 18th anniversary of 9/11/01 I wish we could have a national (if not a global) debrief on where we all were and the lessons we learned. But because there is not enough room in my apartment to do this – I’ll just give you my short version. On 9/11/01 at the point where the two planes flew into the World Trade Center, I was facilitating an orientation for the nurses and staff at Adventist Behavioral Health and teaching them about how to manage stressful situations in fast-paced healthcare environments. When I left the orientation and heard what … Continue reading “How Do I Cope With The Fact That I Can’t Keep My Children Safe?” – My Lesson from 9/11/01

“What’s That Spot On The Back Of Your Leg?” – My Adventure With Melanoma

10 years ago today was the day of surgery. The Doc said “I think we’ve got it all.” The “it” was the Melanoma that had showed up as a spot on the back of my leg. In a place I couldn’t see, in a spot I wouldn’t have thought to check. Because I wasn’t really paying attention anyway..to that spot..on the back of my leg. The Melanoma spread fast. The doctor said “you need to get this checked out… Now.” When I told her I didn’t have insurance she said “we can see you here” (at the NIH – where … Continue reading “What’s That Spot On The Back Of Your Leg?” – My Adventure With Melanoma

You Should Meet Kendrick

When I was in high school we used to get into trouble for running in the hall or being outside of class without a pass and now we are here – at this point where an 18 y/o stands between a shooter and his friends thus ending his life while saving theirs. Sadly, the rest of us will never know Kendrick – this young man whom, like others across our country, has walked quietly among us – ready to help in a heartbeat. Unbounded youthful potential – gone in a second. “A member of the school’s robotics club and a … Continue reading You Should Meet Kendrick

“I’ve Got The Cat!”

It’s a little nutty when you think about it. It wasn’t easy for me to leave New England to start a new job for a few reasons, but the one that was most bothersome for me was not being able to see the flowers at mom and dad’s grave site. I’m not really sure what started this idea, but I think it was the fact that I wasn’t ready for mom to go when she died.  And I know that the time of anyone’s death is not anything you can ever control; but mom’s death just took the wind out … Continue reading “I’ve Got The Cat!”


“It’s delft,” she responds.

“Delft? What the hell is delft?” I’ve never heard of this color. As I drive the cart a little further, I quickly scan my mind looking for the place that has all of the colors in a  Crayola 64 pack of crayons. I’m thinking midnight blue, navy blue, sky blue, blue-green, periwinkle and then off to the land of lime green, bubble gum and burnt sienna. Continue reading Delft